PPCocaine Ft. NextYoungin | Famous Interview | 3 Musketeers, Columbia Records, Tik Tok & more

PPCocaine Ft. NextYoungin | Famous Interview | 3 Musketeers, Columbia Records, Tik Tok & more

We dropped a Before They Were Famous on PPCocaine and that video has almost 500K views since it’s upload. Back then all I knew was that she was a new artist on the rise via Tik Tok but in the time since she’s secured a record deal and is becoming a bonafide star. In the interview, we talked about her new life post-fame, her goals, her plans for the future, and even her thoughts on 6ix9ine. For more interviews check out our new channel Famous Interviews:


Before PPCocaine would clock in nearly 500K Followers on Instagram and over 1 Million followers on TikTok. Before PPCocaine would drop tracks ‘DDLG’, ‘Shake Some A$$’, ‘3 Musketeers’, ‘For That Cash’ and would blow up on TikTok. Before Famous Tik Tok Stars would be dancing to her app including James Charles, Nikkita Dragun, Sommer Ray, Lil Huddy & Addison Rae who would later get called out for appropriating LGBT culture. PPCocaine is gearing up to be the next big female rap star coming straight off of Tik Tok. She worked at a dancer and originally she rapped under the name Trap Bunny Bubbles. Then one night she almost OD’d on some pink blow and from there the name pretty pink coke was born. We will get into more of that in this video. PPCocaine has got some of the wildest lyrics and music videos.

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